Write a 150-word profile of someone named Margaret Mallory.

She is tall, just over six feet in height, with long golden blonde hair that hangs straight to the middle of her back. Her hair is her curtain, hiding what she does not want others to see. She keeps it swept to the left, viewing the world through one green eye that shines when the light hits it just so. Her other eye is non-existent, the empty socket scarred over many years ago. Thick ropes of red, angry skin snake down the side of her face, from the hairline and angled toward the bottom of her jaw near her ear. Though she tries to keep them covered, the scars are still visible from certain angles. They no longer cause her physical pain. She reaches up with her soft hand and strokes the smallest of the blemishes. Her other hand loosely grips a small handgun. She is calm, ready to end her nightmare. The door opens and she looks up, brushing the veil of hair from her face.