Welcome to my word vomit.

I’m not an aspiring author setting out to write the Great American Novel. I don’t want to be the next Stephen King or Diana Gabladon or whomever you love to read. But bitch, please, I’m a much better writer than that Twilight Twat, and I’m certainly superior to the lip-biting inner goddess of 50 Shades of Gag! I also swear a lot and am incredibly inappropriate but damn it, I like to write. Feel free to leave this blog at any time.

Here is the music I write to.

I’ve been cussing up a storm on the Internet for years.

LiveJournal – my first blog, back when I came up with this brilliant thought, “I really need a web site that I can just say whatever I want.” I had no idea that blogging was a thing!

MySpace – RIP. I had some hilarious shit on there that is no longer accessible. Fortunately, I did manage to download all my content. I just need to organize it and re-post it somewhere.

Driftin’ Back – A blog I rarely update because there’s nothing exciting in my personal life.

I used to be bad ass – My weight loss and fitness blog that I kept up for four or five years, then pathetically tried to get back to for another four or five years. I’m back now, though, bitches.

And my hilarity is all over Facebook but I’m not posting that here because it’s private and some people get their panties twisted when I fucking swear and post offensive memes. God, I hate that word. Panties, not memes.


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